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Is your website just sitting there?

Not doing what it’s actually supposed to be doing - which is bringing in customers?

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Visuals are good but message isn't clear.
Emotional factor is missing to really connect with customers.
Customers not feeling like getting a robust solution to their problem.
Call to actions are not clear or nonexistent.

The framework's principles are simple in concept, difficult in execution, and incredibly beneficial and lucrative when done correctly. That's why you need us.

Here's the SB7 Framework model:

A character with a problem meets a guide who gives them a plan and calls them to action that results in success.

We help you to become that trusted GUIDE.


Want to know more about the SB7 framework and its proven method of attracting customers?
Check out our blogs.

Our Personalized Process

Building an SB7 framework-based website is a process. So we ask questions. We brainstorm.
We strategize & plan.


  • We analyze your business and create sitemap based on your offerings.
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  • After sitemap, we start creating blueprints based on SB7 framework.
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Shape It

  • With feedback, revisions and testing, we shape our website to selling machine.

The longer you wait to take action, the more you fall behind. So let’s get the conversation started.

Our Recent Work

Well thought out and designed websites help your customers engage with you on a whole other level.

Barefoot Media Solutions

Digital agency based in Australia, providing all kind on online solutions.

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Barefoot Photographer

Professional photography website for Studio and Services.

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Turn your website into a converting
machine. It all starts with a chat.
Let's Talk

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Jose Navarro

Barefoot Media Solutions, Australia

When you think about us its not many clients has supply relationships that can last distance. With regards, Surinder his team and Osum that come highly recommended. If you are in need of some really talented graphic design with Print, Media and any Illustrator elements you are looking for. These guys are definitely you go to. I work with these guys closely on a resource of assignments from Digital and Website, through branding, install and guide.

Digital Journey

Your DIGITAL JOURNEY starts here.

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